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Rural school canteens

A guaranteed meal a day for nursery babies boosts their growth and encourages attendance.

The Multifunctional Humanist Centers

Between 2003 and 2018 we have created 12 multifunctional humanist centers that provide nursery schools and community resources.

Bandoulu Nursery School

In 2006 Energy for Human Rights ONLUS created a nursery school in the village of Bandoulou to improve the rate of school participation of children from the earliest years of life and to make up for the scarce spread of public nursery school.

Agricultural Development Projects

Creating community gardens, construction of wells and adequate irrigation systems. Children who are fed well perform better in school.

Keur Marietou House for Women and Children

A multi-purpose humanist center focused on supporting women and children. The project proposes awareness-raising activities on the fundamental rights of every human being.

Pollet / Animal Coup

Since 2017 we have started an aid campaign for the canteens of the nursery schools of Ndiadiane, Sossop and Bandoulou by building the "Pollet".

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