What is Support from a Distance (SAD)?

SAD allows girls and boys from countries less fortunate than ours to go to school, take care of themselves and live a dignified life, staying in their own village and with their family.

It is much more than a simple financial aid…It is a bond of solidarity, understanding and mutual affection between different populations…It is a concrete sign of the union of the peoples of which today you clearly see the need!

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Improving the lives of children and their communities

Building lifelong Learning Centers for entire villages

Building Schools and Resources for the community to prosper

SAD supports children from Senegal, Gambia, and India promoted by Energy for Human Rights ONLUS with the aim of improving the life of the whole community and the individual child. SAD develops community projects such as the creation of kindergartens, schools, vital resources, and lifelong learning centers for the entire village known as the Multipurpose Humanist Centers.

With the help of our sponsors, we’ve been able to provide free education for over 800 students, build 12 schools and community gardens, and improved the living conditions of thousands of people in need.

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How We Allocate Sponsor Funds

50% of your contribution will be used for the school and health support of the child and, based on the country and the context in which we find ourselves acting, we guarantee:

  • enrollment fee and school fees;
  • educational material: backpack, notebooks, books, pens, pencils, etc.
  • school uniform;
  • salaries of teachers and helpers if children attend nursery schools run by the association;
  • learning games and educational material for kindergarten children;
  • snack (only where the facilities allow it);
  • medical treatment (prevention visits and specialist visits in case of illness);
  • impregnated mosquito nets to prevent malaria.

How do we support village development?

A share equal to 30% of the amount paid will be used for community development projects in the child’s village. This money is used for:

  • the construction of structures in which to set up the Multipurpose Humanist Centers , which in the morning are home to kindergartens, while in the afternoon they host literacy, professional training, hygiene courses, etc.
  • the support of health or educational projects;
  • the purchase of materials for professional training courses, etc.
  • training and travel of local volunteers.

Organizational expenses

The remaining 20% ​​of the amount paid will be used by the association for the management, communication, travel and training costs of Italian volunteers.

Who can initiate distance support (SAD)?


How long does a SAD last?

The SAD does not have a duration of time within which it must end. It can last until the child has finished high school or finished university or professional training.

How much does it cost to support a child remotely?

The support has a cost of 30 euros per month.
Payments can be:

  • monthly – 30 euros per month.
  • quarterly – 90 euros every 3 months.
  • every six months – 180 euros every 6 months.
  • yearly – 360 euros once a year.

and must be carried out on one of the accounts headed to Energia for Human Rights ONLUS:

postal account: 46878757
bank account at Banca Etica Ag. Roma
iban: IT35S0501803200000011082344

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