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Donate Your 5×1000

Choose to donate to Energy for Human Rights Onlus on your taxes. It’s free for you!

With your support, an increasing number of people receive rights every day that would otherwise be denied them:
health, nutrition, education, and a dignified existence.
For over twenty years in 12 schools in Senegal, Gambia and India, over 1100 children have been able to study, feed and receive free health care thanks to your signature. Choose to allocate your 5×1000 to make their dreams come true: building a future thanks to study and health.
  • The 5×1000 is a way to destinazione money that the government sets aside for donations.
  • It’s free for you and simple to do.
  • Simply choose where you’d like to donate this money on your taxes every year.
  • ** If you don’t designate where this money goes, the money goes back to the government, so please donate it to a good cause!

How to Donate Your 5×1000

Step 1:
Choose the box intended for voluntary organizations.

Step 2:
Enter the Codice Fiscale: 97289510584

Step 3:
Inserisci la tua firma

Questions? Contact us and we can help you.
Or ask your Accountant – they will know how to help!

What Your 5×1000 Will Help

With an income of €15,000 gross per year, you will donate around €18.

You will make it possible to support 50 children for 5 days.

With an income of €30,000 gross per year, you will donate around €38.

You will be able to buy teaching materials for a class for 1 month.

With a gross annual income of €50,000, you will donate around €76.

You will contribute to the salaries of teachers, cooks, janitors and assistants.

Dreams made with the 5×1000

  • Free school for 800 children
  • Income for 8 teachers hired by humanist schools
  • Activation of two canteens in Ndiadiane and Sossop
  • Creation of a community garden
  • Part of the construction of a third classroom in the school of Ndiadiane

Over the years, thanks to your gift, we have built:

  • 12 community schools, vegetable gardens and chicken coops, wells and irrigation systems, canteens.
  • We have promoted the spread of solar energy
  • and have carried out a long campaign against malaria, for the well-being of entire communities.
  • We have activated microcredit laboratories, professional courses and women’s empowerment projects.
  • Since 2000, the year when Energy for Human Rights was founded, you have looked after more than 10,000 children and the villages they come from!

Your 5×1000 to create perspectives where there are none

State schooling levels and educational quality are lacking; insufficient school facilities, with overcrowded classes; widespread poverty, with the consequent need to remove the youngest from teaching, to receive domestic help and in the fields. Lack of surgeries; scarcity of resources. These are the contexts from which most children come from in the regions where Energy for Human Rights is present.

Frequently Asked Questions

The 5×1000 is not an additional burden, but a way to choose who to allocate that part of the taxes that the State makes available to third sector entities every year. If you do not indicate who to donate it to, it is still held by the public administration.

Deadlines: who submits the Model 730 must make the declaration by 30 September 2020; for natural persons the last date is 30 November 2020.

Don’t you have to declare your income? You can still decide to donate the 5×1000. By filling in the Single Certification 2020 (CU) scheme and sending it to the Inland Revenue.

It is important to know that: if the signature is not affixed, the share of IRPEF (5×1000) is also forfeited by the State; if the tax code is not indicated, the sum is redistributed for all associations of the same category.

Support from voluntary bodies: Energy for Human Rights Onlus | Tax Code: 97289510584

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