Our Mission

We support boys and girls from struggling areas so they can go to school, take care of themselves, live a dignified life, and remain in their own country and with their family.

We aim to improve the life of the whole community and not just the individual child, also promoting community projects, such as the creation of nursery schools and lifelong learning centers for the whole village : the multifunctional humanist centers.

Energy for Human Rights has an internationalist character and is made up of a group of individuals from different cultures, religions, languages, aspirations, beliefs, economic and social conditions that organize themselves to give impetus to a great social change.

The main objective of Energia is the creation of a permanent network of human relations whose aim is to improve living conditions, health and education in the communities in which it operates. This network of relationships starts with a volunteer in Italy and ends up in the most distant villages of the countries in which we operate. This relationship is permanent and growing so that what each individual receives gives it to others.

Who We Are

The Energy for Human Rights association, “Energy for Human Rights”, was founded in December 1998 in Rome for the protection of human rights in the world. The association is inspired and joins the moment of its foundation to the Humanist Movement.

In 2003 it was established as a non-profit organization (non-profit organization of social utility) and in 2004 it joined “La Gabbianella, Coordination for Distance Adoption” by signing the Charter of Principles and the Charter of Quality Criteria.

It is a non-denominational and self-financed association. It has initiatives in: Senegal, Gambia and Italy.

Nothing above the human being, no human being below another.

The members of Energia share a humanist attitude which states:

The equality of all human beings, the freedom of ideas and beliefs, the repudiation of violence, the search for consistency in actions and the need for solidarity between peoples.

Humanists promote , in every country and on every occasion, respect for human rights and the transformation of the current social and political system that produces the misery and marginalization we are witnessing every day.

Humanists denounce the great economic potential (World Bank, International Monetary Fund, multinationals, etc.) which, instead of using the enormous scientific, monetary and technological resources that human society currently possesses to solve nutrition and health problems, they do not have no scruple to impoverish and cancel millions of individuals in order to favor their own interests.

Humanists believe that in order to change the direction of events, the union of all the people who recognize the value of the human being as a priority and who, not accepting the current conditions as “inevitable”, fight for the future of humanity.

Reciprocity and not Humanitarianism: if you receive, you will commit yourself to give to others.

The context in which Energy for Human Rights is born:

Every human being, by the mere fact of being born, has the right to health, nutrition, education, housing and a dignified existence... Every human being has the right to happiness and the fullness of his or her existence.

Poverty, hunger, disease, war, terrorism, exploitation, clash between cultures, discrimination, environmental upheavals … but also solitude, despair, insecurity … All this is intimately linked to the current, inhuman and violent system of life .

This system, based on aggression and competition, on the frenzy of accumulating goods, on the legitimate exercise of violence to obtain particular benefits, can only bear these fruits. Therefore it would be naive to expect an evolution towards a better world by means of short-term reforms that do not radically transform the current scale of values ​​and social, political and economic organization.

It is absurd to continue to believe that evolution and progress come from banks, multinationals and governments. It is they who produced this situation and who want to keep it.

This system cannot be “improved”: it is simply to be redone.

The only way out is for people to take charge of the change, starting to organize themselves and to act in first person, starting from their daily and immediate environment, to then extend their action to the limits of their possibilities.

Only people can give solutions to peoples’ problems.

Today, many individuals and organizations engage in various social activities in good faith, but no truly significant transformation will occur unless they collaborate on a global project aimed at creating a new human civilization.

The same activities promoted by Energy for Human Rights would risk not reaching the desired transformations, if they were not part of a larger global and non-violent project: the Humanist Movement. A project which, investing the cultural, social and political field, has been activated in 110 countries of the world and is shared by 5 million volunteers (data updated in June 2008). Its aspiration is the realization of the Universal Human Nation where each individual, for the mere fact of being born, has his rights to health, education, equality of opportunity recognized and also the right to happiness and fullness of his own existence.

Universalist Humanism aspires to the construction of a Universal Human Nation as a goal of the human social process. Working for this goal involves a methodology of action consistent with its ethics. This methodology is nonviolence.

Nonviolence can be understood as a determined system of moral concepts that reject violence and as a strategy of struggle consisting in the systematic denunciation of all forms of violence exercised by the system.

He recognizes among his own antecedents the actions developed by Mahatma Ghandi, Martin L. King and Kwame Nkrumah, among others.

Unlike pacifism, which is a denunciation of armamentism, nonviolence is constituted as a method of action and a lifestyle.

This method of action combines the internal coherence of thinking, feeling and acting in the same direction, with the social coherence of treating others in the way one would like to be treated.

The human being, in his movement towards freedom, that is, in the struggle to overcome the conditions of pain and suffering, finds in the methodology of nonviolence an instrument of transformation of the historical-social environment consistent with the construction of the Universal Human Nation and with one’s internal unit register.

Our Organization

At the moment 2 work teams and 2 management groups are active. The teams meet weekly at the headquarters of the association, while the management groups meet as needed.

  • Equipe Education for Nonviolence and Multiculturalism | For info: edoardo.calizza@uniroma1.it
  • Equipe Environment / Food Safety / solar energy | For info: marco.inglessis@gmail.com
  • SAD management group | For info: sadenergia@gmail.com
  • Management Group Internships-Budget-Administration | For info: info@energiaperidirittiumani.it
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