A guaranteed meal a day

for nursery babies

boosts their growth

and encourages attendance.

Energia guarantees about 400 children a meal a day.
Regions we are helping to provide school canteens.


Food security is a key objective in rural areas of Senegal and Gambia.

In its nursery schools, Energia guarantees about 400 children a meal a day. School canteens play a key role in a context characterized by widespread poverty and not very varied nutrition. They allow children to enrich their diets with a wide variety of micronutrients, promoting healthier growth. At the same time, the service encourages families to enroll their children in nursery schools in areas where pre-school education is not widespread.

The Energy canteen system is integrated with agricultural development interventions. Wells, vegetable gardens, orchards and chicken coops are located near the nursery schools in the villages to meet part of the needs of the school kitchens for fruit, vegetables and poultry.

Project Objective

Ensure adequate nutrition for the children of our rural maternal


The villages of Sossop Diop, Ndiandiane and Tataguine Serere (Department of Mbour, Senegal) and Ballanghar Choyen (Lower Saloum District, Gambia).


To guarantee the right to food safety and pre-school training

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Our supporters and in recent years the Prosolidar Foundation

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