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Energy for human rights ONLUS has an internationalist character and is made up of individuals from different cultures, religions, languages, aspirations, beliefs, economic and social conditions united by the desire to organize to give impetus to the construction of the Universal Human Nation.

Energy for human rights ONLUS is a non-denominational and self-financed association. It has initiatives underway in Italy since 1998, in Senegal since 2000, in Gambia since 2002 and in India since 2003.

Founded in Rome

Founded in December 1998  in Rome with the aim of protecting human rights in the world. The association is inspired and adheres at the moment of its foundation to the ideas and proposals of Universalist Humanism.


Promoters of the "Stop Malaria" International Campaign

From  2001 to 2012  Energia was one of the promoters of the “Stop Malaria” International Campaign, contributing significantly to the eradication of malaria in many villages in Senegal.

2001 to 2012

Established as a non-profit organization

In 2003 it was established as a non-profit organization (non-profit organization of social utility) and adheres to:

  • 2004 at “La Gabbianella – Coordination for” Distance Support “, by signing the Charter of Principles and the Charter of Quality Criteria,
  • 2008 at the Forum Sad Italia
  • 2009 to the international body Convergence of Cultures
  • 2010 to the Citizen Committee for Decentralized Cooperation in Rome.

Promoted the campaign "Support a child and their village"

Energia promoted the campaign “Support a child and his village” which contributed in the first 15 years to the construction of 8 nursery schools in Senegal, 2 in the Gambia and 2 in India as well as helping thousands of boys and girls to access to basic school training


Installation of solar panels in 3 schools in Senegal and 1 in the Gambia

Between  2005 and 2009  Energia promoted the “Energy from the sun” project which contributed to the installation of solar panels in 3 schools in Senegal and 1 in the Gambia as well as having powered an irrigation system.

2005 and 2009

Through education towards the universal human nation

From  2010 to 2012 Energia promoted the “Through education towards the universal human nation” project in schools in Rome and in many villages in Senegal. This project was co-financed by the European Community through Europe Aid funds.

2010 to 2012

All at School with Energy

In  2013 Energia promoted the campaign to support kindergartens built in Senegal “All at school with Energy” with the aim of guaranteeing permanent access to education for over 700 boys and girls attending the schools themselves.


Energia dalla Terra campaign - feeding 350 children, providing 20,000 meals

In 2015, the campaign “Energy from the earth” was promoted, which aims to set up community gardens in all humanist centers that will feed 350 children attending the various humanist nursery schools created by Energia in rural communities. Also in 2015, thanks to funding from the 8 per thousand fund of the Waldensian Church, the project “For the school needs energy” started, which provides for the administration of about 20,000 meals to the children of the kindergarten in Pikine in Senegal.


Keur Marietou House for Women and Children opens

In 2016, the Keur Marietou House for Women and Children was finally inaugurated in Pikine, Senegal, whose construction is currently nearing completion. Inside, the kindergarten, the canteen for children and the library run by the young volunteers of the Network of humanist women of Keur Marietou are already active.


Eighth humanist nursery school opens in Senegal

In  2017 the construction of the eighth humanist nursery school “Luisa Lorena Caputo” in Senegal ended. The new construction was carried out in the village of Bandoulou near Kaolack with the help of the Comprehensive Bozzaotra Institute of Massa Lubrense, the Municipality of Massa Lubrense and the OPM fund of the Waldensian Church.


Second World March for Peace and Nonviolence

In 2018, Energy for Human Rights becomes organizing partner of the Second World March for Peace and Nonviolence.

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