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Connecting schools to learn from each other and expand horizons.

Launched with the project “Through education towards the Universal Human Nation” supported by the European Community, the twinning aims to establish a direct correspondence between the classes of the Italian institutes and those of our schools in Senegal and Gambi.

During the school year, the classes of both countries are invited to produce material, such as drawings, videos or letters, to be sent to their sister class, in order to make their reality known. In addition, the Italian classes will have the opportunity to collect teaching materials to be sent, through the regular shipments of the association, to the twinned classes.

Thanks to this support, African school classes will be able to enrich their school activities by taking advantage of a complete educational offer.

At the start of each twinning, in addition to a minivideo presentation of the classes involved, an annual certificate is issued.

The twinning can therefore be renewed the following year by starting a new correspondence between the two classes.

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