The importance of nursery schools

should not be underestimated:

it is essential for the socio-economic development of a country

Nursery schools are in operation in our centers.
children we welcome to our centers for education and resources.


Between 2003 and 2018 we have created 12 multifunctional humanist centers:

  • In Senegal in the Matam region: Horefondè; in the Dakar region: Pikine, Yeumbel and Malika; in the Thies region: in the villages of Ndiadiane, Sossop, Fissel, Keuryerin; in the Kaolack region: Bandulou;
  • In Gambia in the city of Serrekunda and in the village of Ballanghar.
  • In India at Sattankulam and Virudunhagar (Tamil Nadu).

In response to the absence of public nursery schools in Senegal and Gambia, this important service is provided in many of our centers. In fact, the importance of the nursery school should not be underestimated: it is essential for the socio-economic development of a country. If on the one hand it accustoms children to going to school from the early years of life and therefore increases the participation rate at subsequent levels of education, on the other hand it promotes women’s emancipation.

Currently, 8 nursery schools are in operation in our centers, welcoming 900/1200 children.

We take care of the maintenance of the structure, furnishings and teaching material; we pay salaries to staff (teachers and helpers), but we encourage the acquisition of economic independence on the part of each school, through support for community development projects.

In the afternoon, the multifunctional humanist centers become the scene of remedial courses for children attending elementary and middle schools, literacy and professional training courses for adults, hygiene and anti-malarial prophylaxis courses and workshops for micro-credit groups.

Thanks to the “Energy from the Sun” project, exploiting solar energy we have equipped the multifunctional humanist centers of the rural communities of Ndiandiane, Sossop and Tattaguine in Senegal with electricity and we have started the first computer literacy courses in these

Project Objective

Building Multifunctional Humanist Centers


Senegal, Gambia, India


To provide resourceful community centers and nursery schools for the community to prosper.

Support from

“Energy from the Sun” project.

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