Support a Child and their Village

A remote support campaign for children from Senegal, Gambia and India promoted by Energy for Human Rights ONLUS


Support a Child and their Village

A remote support campaign for children from Senegal, Gambia and India promoted by Energy for Human Rights ONLUS


Support a Child and their Village

A remote support campaign for children from Senegal, Gambia and India promoted by Energy for Human Rights ONLUS

We support boys and girls from countries less fortunate than ours so they can go to school, take care of themselves, live a dignified life, and remain in their own country and with their family.

We aim to improve the life of the whole community and not just the individual child. SAD develops community projects such as the creation of kindergartens, schools, vital resources, and lifelong learning centers for the entire village known as the Multipurpose Humanist Centers.

About SAD

How You Can Help

With your support an increasing number of people receive rights every day that would otherwise be denied them: health, nutrition, education, and a dignified existence. For over twenty years in 12 schools in Senegal, Gambia and India, over 1100 children have been able to study, feed and receive free health care thanks to sponsor and donor support.

Sponsor A Child
and their Village


Directly sponsor an individual child in one of the communities we help support.

Gli/le garantirai istruzione scolastica, cibo e cure mediche, oltre a partecipare a progetti comunitari.

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Sponsor a Child Now

Support a Child’s Food Security


Support a child in one of the areas where we cooperate.
You will guarantee him / her one meal a day in the Energy canteens.

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Contact us to get started.

  • Send us an email, or call us at +39 06 89479213.
  • Download the SAD Agreement form.
    • Enter your data and send it to Energia for Human Rights ONLUS via fax +39 06 89479213, or email, or at the headquarters in Via deI Latini 12/14, 00185 Rome.
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Receive Information About Your Sponsored Child and the Program

One of our collaborators will send you:

  • A certificate with a photo and information about your sponsored child.
  • Two copies of an informal agreement between you and the association.
  • A brochure about SAD and our projects.
  • An explanatory leaflet of the Senegal or Gambia school system.
  • Information about payment options and process.
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Receive Updates about Your Sponsored Child

You’ll get updates throughout the year about your sponsored child. Children also like to communicate with their sponsors with letters and drawings.

You will always receive information about the child through the mail. You can also receive updates via email, Facebook and the Sponsor Portal.

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Every human being, by the mere fact of being born, has the right to health, nutrition, education, housing and a dignified existence. Every human being has the right to happiness and the fullness of his or her existence.

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