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The Prosolidar Foundation Supprts Our Schools

By August 30, 2019June 24th, 2021No Comments

For the first time Energia has obtained funding from the Prosolidar Foundation, aimed at supporting the functioning of our nursery schools in Senegal (Ndiadiane, Sossop, Tattaguine, Bandoulou and Pikine) and Gambia (Ballanghar).

The contribution provided by Prosolidar covers one year’s salary for: 10 teachers and 3 directors (2 of whom also perform the role of teachers) as well as a person who takes care of cleaning in a nursery school and a conductor of a cart for transport of children at Ndiadiane’s maternal; In addition, around € 2,250 are foreseen for the purchase of teaching materials to be used in schools.

This contribution allows not only to guarantee the continuation of the activities of all the classes present last school year, but also the reopening of some classes that were no longer in operation due to lack of funds and the opening of a new class (built with funds of different origins, but with a salary covered by Prosolidar) in Ndiadiane.

Thanks to this valuable contribution, Energia the next school year will be able to reserve its funds for the improvement of some structures (renovation, electrification, etc.) and the strengthening of school canteens, including vegetable gardens, orchards and chicken coops.

We hope it will be the beginning of a fruitful collaboration with Prosolidar for the years to come!

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