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Support a Child's Food Security

Offering one meal a day in the school canteen is not only necessary for boys and girls for an adequate nutritional intake, but it is also an important tool for encouraging families to send their children to school, who can thus receive an education for the their future. It is essential that the students who attend our schools are guaranteed a healthy and balanced diet.

What is a Food Support?

A food support allows you to take care of the diet of children * and boys *. With one meal a day in the Energy canteens, you will help discourage early school leaving, especially for women; you will grow healthy and strong people thanks to the right amount of macronutrients (carbohydrates, lipids and proteins) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals); you will allow young women and men not to burden their families.

How Does It Work

View and download our program brochure


Contact us to get started or start a donation online and we will follow up with you.

  • Send us an email, or call us at +39 06 89479213.
  • Download the SAD membership form.
    • Enter your details and send them to Energy for Human Rights ONLUS via email at, or at the headquarters in Via dei Latini 12/14, 00185 Rome.


Receive information about your Child and the Project

One of our collaborators will send you:

  • A certificate with a photo and information on the child to support.
  • Two copies of an informal contract with the association.
  • A brochure on SAD and our projects.
  • An explanatory brochure of the school system in Senegal, Gambia or India.
  • Information on payment options and process.


Receive updates on the child supported remotely.

The association will periodically send you, via e-mail, information on the child or girl supported, such as photos, drawings, letters, report cards. All material will also be uploaded to your support page on this site.

How we allocate funds for supporters

80% of your contribution will be used for food support for the child, who will be guaranteed one meal a day in the canteens of schools founded and / or managed by Energia.

Organizational expenses
The remaining 20% ​​of the amount paid will be used by the association for the management, communication, travel and training costs of local volunteers.

Who can undertake Distance Support (SAD)?

How long does a SAD last?
The SAD does not have a fixed duration. It can last until the child has finished high school or finished college or vocational training.

How much does it cost to keep a child at a distance?
The support costs 10 euros per month. Payment can be:

  • monthly – 10 euros per month.
  • quarterly – 30 euros every 3 months.
  • semiannual – 60 euros every 6 months.
  • annual – 120 euros per year.

and must be made on one of the accounts held in the name of Energia per i Risorse Umani ONLUS:
bank account at Banca Etica Ag. Romaiban: IT35S0501803200000011082344

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