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India Emergency: Books and Notebooks are Needed

By September 13, 2020October 13th, 2020No Comments

Car * amic *,
We launched a fundraiser to support our * girls * in India. There the situation is dramatic, and help is needed to allow them to meet the costs of purchasing the materials for distance learning. The risk is a wave of school dropouts … which we must avert.

Here the link of the campaign on Facebook.

This, however, is our IBAN, if it is easier to proceed like this.
Energy for Human Rights onlus, IT35S0501803200000011082344 (Banca Etica, Rome agency).

Help us to give them a future!

The Coronavirus pandemic in India is out of control and cases continue to rise even in Tamil Nadu, the region where Energy for Human Rights has been operating for years. The schools have been closed for months and will remain so for a long time. All the children hosted by the “Island of Hope Orphanage” and the “Ave Maria Matriculation School”, the centers we support, will stay at home.

The government intends to carry out distance learning through television, which is more widespread than the internet. In order to follow the program on TV it is essential that the children have textbooks, notebooks and pens. But there is a big problem: the lockdown has caused a terrible economic crisis and many families are in serious financial difficulty after a wave of layoffs. They can no longer bear the costs for the education of * children *.

About 25 euros is enough to buy books and notebooks for a * child *, allowing him to attend school remotely. Without this support, many will not be able to continue their studies and may even leave school forever.

We do not want this to happen and with your donation we will be able to guarantee the school continuity of one * or more Indian * children.

We need you! Donate now!

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