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Breaking down walls to build bridges


On Saturday 2 June 2018, during the Multiethnic Republic Day, the photographic exhibition “HUMAN” will be held, in which the 10 works selected by the jury of the competition and by the online public will be exhibited.

The exhibition will take place at the Casa della Partecipazione in Rome, in via dei Sabelli 88 / a (San Lorenzo), and will be accompanied by the presence of stands in the square opposite, music and speeches on the themes of nonviolence, multiculturalism and human rights.
During the exhibition the names of the winners of the photo contest will be communicated and the prizes will be awarded.

Candidate works will be evaluated by a jury made up of:

Francesco Amorosino  (winner of the SONY Award 2016 – Still Life category, photography teacher at various Roman schools and finalist of various European awards including LensCulture 2015-Visual Storytelling)

Corsetti Photographic Laboratory  (since 1971 an important point of reference for all the major photographers, Italian and foreign)

Giulio Speranza  (professional photographer and teacher of photography courses and workshops, mainly on the use of the optical bench, and photographic trekking guide in Central Italy. His works have been published in international photography magazines and have won numerous awards in some of the most important photographic competitions worldwide)

Stefano Esposito  (professional photographer and director of the Takeawaygallery, among others he collaborates with photographers such as Gerald Bruneau, Rino Barillari, Dino Pedriali and many others)

Marco Inglessis  (President of Energia for human rights ONLUS)


1st prize:  shopping voucher worth € 400 offered by the Corsetti Photographic Laboratory;

2nd prize:  shopping voucher worth 200 euros offered by the Corsetti Photographic Laboratory;

3rd prize:  A free day of use of Francesco Amorosino’s Photostudio;

Audience Award  (most voted photo during the day of June 2): portfolio reading by Corsetti Photographic Laboratory.
The finalists are invited to be present at the awards ceremony on June 2 or provide a proxy to a trusted person who will take care of the withdrawal of the possible prize.


Art 1. THEME – WHAT UNITS US: breaking down walls to build bridges

Today we live in a time of profound crisis and change, but the direction that this transformation is taking is not clear.

It is a complex historical period, where the tyranny of money and violence seem to color every corner of the Earth black. An era in which the “we” is increasingly difficult to identify and the reigning individualism ends up making us feel alone, divided internally and without strength to fulfill our aspirations. Every day the media tell us stories of violence and frustration, where those who are “different” from us can only be a threat or danger to our lives. Block after block, this diversity is exploited to raise walls and barriers destined to move us further away from each other.

They have accustomed us to fear in the other what makes it different from us, rather than to seek what we have in common.

But it is only by reconciling ourselves and with those around us, only by looking with other eyes towards the Human Being, only by recognizing what unites us, that we can finally break down these walls and make them bridges.

To this end, with the third edition of HUMAN, we invite you to tell us what unites us to finally overcome mistrust and prejudice.

For the complete call and to participate, you can use the following link:

Project supported with the Otto per Mille funds of the Waldensian Church.

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