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Organized by Energy for Human Rights ONLUS

Our wealth is made up of our diversity: the other is precious insofar as it is different

After the success of the past years, Energy for Human Rights ONLUS is pleased to invite you to a new edition of the Multiethnic Republic Day, which will be held on Saturday 1st June 2019 in San Lorenzo.

We are now facing a world that tends to create barriers, obstacles that prevent us from coming into contact with others. A world that pushes us to look at the other as a threat to be rejected and not as a resource from which to draw. The belief that there is only one right way to live is the root cause of the greatest threat to humans.

It is for this reason that we have decided to organize a moment of meeting and sharing again this year, on the occasion of the Italian Republic Day, which will tell the republic we want: multiethnic, multicultural, supportive. A party that shows how good every culture carries within itself, how good every person can give to the world. With a journey that will ideally cross the five continents, we will discover the traditions, dances and cuisine of different ethnic groups and cultures.

The event, with free admission, has received  the patronage of the Municipality II of Roma Capitale  and the cultural association La Casa Boliviana onlus  and will take place at the  Casa della Partecipazione in Rome , in via dei Sabelli 88 / A (San Lorenzo), while exhibition stands will be set up in the square in front.

Throughout the day it will be possible to visit  the photographic exhibition  STOP MALARIA , in which some shots relating to the campaign that our association is promoting in Senegal will be exhibited. Malaria is still present in 91 countries and the number of total cases is estimated at around 216 million, with around 445 thousand deaths per year. The activities set in motion by our local representatives include the construction of a network of volunteers, awareness and training activities, distribution of impregnated mosquito nets and a rapid diagnosis and remediation kit for stagnant water. For info:

 The 2nd WORLD MARCH FOR PEACE AND NONVIOLENCE will also be presented , which 10 years after the first edition (2009-2010) will leave Madrid on 2 October 2019 and will cross all continents, to always end in Madrid on 8 March 2020 after having traversed more than 100 countries and involved hundreds of thousands of activists on a 159-day trip! For info:

The photographic exhibition  IL LAVORO CHE VORREI will be set up inside the Casa della Partecipazione  , with the photographic material produced by the participants in the Italian course for foreigners organized last year by our association. The work-oriented course saw the participation of around 50 migrants from more than 20 countries around the world.

During the evening, the fourth edition of the  HUMAN photo competition will also be presented  , organized by Energy for Human Rights and open to all.


The  CIRCLES.IT  is a rhythmic event open to all, in which a group of people you know or not, come together to create music. The participants arrange themselves in a circle and with the help of a facilitator, or the “conductor”, create improvised rhythms using drums and percussion of all kinds. It is an event that anyone can take part in: people of any age, gender, origin, religion and culture regardless of the level of musical experience. The goal is to come together to share their vital energy, through the rhythm and involving vibrations of the percussion. Sharing creates a relationship based on collaboration and cooperation between the participants, the true glue of each Drum Circle.

A narrative path by  Accentrica Storytelling , which will introduce us to some of the most important historical protagonists of Nonviolence, told through a traveling exhibition.

20.00 MURGA
La Murga is a form of street theater that combines music, dance and acting, very close to the tradition of juggling, with a strong satirical and parodic connotation. The Murga del Trullo, the  Murga Sincontrullo , will accompany us with an engaging performance!

We will have the opportunity to taste delicious typical Senegalese dishes prepared by the boys of the  Ethnic Baobab Street Food .

21.00 / 21.30 INTERVENTIONS and MUSIC
The Malian poet  Soumaïla Diawara  will speak to present his new book “Our civilization” and we will listen to the testimonies of the foreign communities and the realities that have joined, including:  Rights to the Heart Onlus ,  international ENGIM ,  Association of Intercultural Mediators of Lazio ,  GuerrillaEspiritual ,  House Humanist ,  Humanist Party of Rome ,  Atlantis Association .

The event is co-financed by the 8 × 1000 fund of the Waldensian Church within the project “The last mile: eliminate malaria in Senegal by 2030”.

SATURDAY 1st JUNE 5.30 – 12.00 pm
Via dei Sabelli 88 / A Rome (San Lorenzo area)

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