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A path through human rights, international solidarity, nonviolence education, sustainable development, multiculturalism and the discovery of the Universal Human Nation.

Registration is open for the 35th Volunteer Training Course organized by Energy for Human Rights ONLUS, aimed at training volunteers in the field of international cooperation and education in solidarity and nonviolence.
On 19 February, at 7:00 pm, the course program will be presented, in via dei Latini 12 (Zona San Lorenzo, Rome).

Course presentation:  Tuesday 19/02/19 19.00-22.00
(Energy for Human Rights, via dei Latini 12)
– Welcome drink , presentation of the association and course program.

1. Tuesday 26/02/19 from 19.00-22.00
– 20 years of Energy for Human Rights.
– The founding principles of our action.
– The human development projects of the association in Senegal, Gambia, India and Italy.
Speakers: Marco Inglessis, Edoardo Calizza, Alessandro Calizza.

2. Tuesday 05/03/19 from 19.00-22.00
– Subjects and dynamics of cooperation
– Lights and shadows of international cooperation. Online action as a prerequisite for social development.
Speakers: Luciano Carrino and another speaker to be confirmed.

3. Sunday 10/03/19 10.00-20.00
(Attigliano Study and Reflection Park)
– Personal work on relaxation techniques, recognition of one’s virtues and their application in actions towards others.

4. Tuesday 12/03/19 from 19.00-22.00
– The principles of a Humanist and Nonviolent education.
– The 2nd World March for Peace and Nonviolence
Speakers: Rafael de La Rubia, Edoardo Calizza

5. Tuesday 19/03/19 from 19.00-22.00
– Volunteers for a Humanist and Nonviolent Education.
– Nonviolence and solidarity workshops in the schools of Rome.
Speakers: Education Team

6. Tuesday 26/03/19 from 19.00-22.00
– Reception and integration of Migrants in Italy.
Speakers (to be confirmed): Francesco Rullani, Elisa Onorati

7-8. Saturday-Sunday 30-31 / 03/19 10.00-20.00
(Park of Studies and Reflection of Attigliano)
– The methodology of nonviolent action.
– The interpersonal relationship and the recognition of the other as the basis of human development actions.
– Children’s rights, health and education in Senegal
– School and health support projects in Senegal, Gambia and India.

9. Tuesday 02/04/19 from 19.00-22.00
– Planet earth: in harmony with the earth ensuring access to water and food resources for all human beings
Speakers: Equipe Ambiente

10. Tuesday 09/04/19 19.00-22.00
– Culture as an instrument of social and personal transformation.
– Storytelling and nonviolence with “Accentrica”
Speakers: Equipe Cultura, Accentrica (to be confirmed)

11-12. Saturday-Sunday 13-14 / 04/19 10.00-20.00
(Saturday 13/04: via dei latini 12, Rome. Sunday 14/04: Park of Studies and Reflection of Attigliano)
– Internal consistency and valid action
– Insights into the projects with the Energy for Human Rights teams.
– Joint assessment at the end of the course.
– Inclusion in the work teams.

LUCIANO CARRINO, President of KIP, Vice-President of the OECD / DAC Group for the fight against poverty.
RAFAEL DE LA RUBIA, founder of the World without Wars and without Violence association and spokesperson for the World March for Peace and Nonviolence.
FRANCESCO RULLANI, assistant Professor in Entrepreneurship and Management of Innovation at the LUISS University of Rome.
MARCO INGLESSIS, president of Energy for Human Rights ONLUS
EDOARDO CALIZZA, vice-president of Energy for Human Rights ONLUS
ELISA ONORATI, Energy for Human Rights ONLUS
VERONICA BOGGINI, Energy for Human Rights ONLUS
FEDERICO CASERTA, Energy for Human Rights ONLUS

ACCENTRICA is a word, a frontier, a new way of storytelling, of telling stories. A mixture of past and present, between the old oral tradition of itinerant “storytellers” and the fusion of music and words. Starting from the anecdotes and curiosities that have marked the birth of some of the most famous songs from the post-war period onwards, we arrive at the history, sometimes hidden and mysterious, of some of the most important figures of our era that, through Active Nonviolence, have marked the path of humanity.

19 – 26 February
5 – 10-12 – 19 – 26 – 30/31 March
2 – 9 – 13/14 April

Association headquarters: via dei Latini 12 (Rome)
Study and Reflection Park of Attigliano (TR)

Participants will be asked for a contribution towards expenses and at the end of the course a certificate of participation will be issued.

Tel: 06 89479213 (Monday to Friday 16-20)
Cell: 320 0519644

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Energia per i diritti umani onlus

Via dei Latini 14, 00185 Roma (San Lorenzo)
+39 06 89479213

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